'Constructing complex, bewilderingly intricate sentences from the far reaches of a vast vocabulary… Todd emerges as a talent entirely of his own.’ ****


'Painfully funny… An up and coming talent that deserves a larger audience.’ ****

EdFest mag

'Warm, personal, unique, very funny.'  ****


'Some comics have a gift of words that touches their work

with wonder. Richard Todd is such a comic… A painfully funny

show… like finding The Fall guesting on X-Factor.’ ****

The Scotsman


'Expertly crafted… 

An act that is both fitting to call absurdist and unique.' ****

The Skinny

'His is an eccentrically created world that you can't pull away from even if you wanted to' ****

The List

'Crazily funny stuff.' **** The Scotsman

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