'Constructing complex, bewilderingly intricate sentences from the far reaches of a vast vocabulary… Todd emerges as a talent entirely of his own.’ ****


'Painfully funny… An up and coming talent that deserves a larger audience.’ ****

EdFest mag

'Warm, personal, unique, very funny.'  ****


'Some comics have a gift of words that touches their work

with wonder. Richard Todd is such a comic… A painfully funny

show… like finding The Fall guesting on X-Factor.’ ****

The Scotsman


'Expertly crafted in his use of flamboyant language and structure, Todd has slowly built an act that is both fitting to call absurdist and unique. His use of odd turns of phrase seem completely off-the-cuff but are so perfectly weird that it shouldn’t be attributed to anything other than his abilities as a writer and storyteller.  ****

The Skinny

'His is an eccentrically created world that you can't pull away from even if you wanted to' ****

The List

'Crazily funny stuff.' **** The Scotsman